Chocolate Cereal vs. Healthy Cereal

How come those chocolate and sweet cereals have less calories than the healthier cereals?

Answer #1

All carbohydrates have the same density of calories/gram. All carbohydrates, healthy and unhealthy have 4 calories/gram. It doesn’t mater if you are talking about complex (good) or simple (bad like sugar) they all are 4 calories/gram. Fat on the other hand has 9 calories/gram. Some supposedly healthy cereals like granola can have suprisingly high amounts of fat so they have more calories for the same weight than sugar.

Another thing to remember is that if you are going by volume rather than weight than lots of sugary cereals are puffed up while more natural cereals are not. A cup of cocoa puffs weighs a lot less than a cup of Muselix. Going by weight they are pretty close in calories but when you go by volume they are not.

Answer #2

uh, they don’t

Answer #3

the healthier cereals will have more nutrients, protein, and fiber.

also, the healthy cereal may have a portion size of a cup and a half per serving while the unhealthy one will have a only a serving that is half a cup compare everything on the back of the box!

Answer #4

They don’t! Unless the healthy cereal has lots of bran, nuts, and dried fruit which would be good calories that stick to your ribs whereas the chocolate cereal would probably be 1/2 cup and would only consist of fat and sugar…Some manufactures think they can get away with lying about the product’s nutrition label as well.

Remember, you can measure food’s calories by the following; One gram fat: 9 calories One gram carbs: 4 calories One gram Protein: 4 calories

The sugar has calories as well…unless the product has Splenda, but sugar-substitutes can make you gain weight because the fake sugar doesn’t fool the body and it will digest as calorie-packed sugar.

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