When is your favorite time of day to eat dinner?

Answer #1

Around 7:30pm, sometimes I eat dinner for breakfast!

Answer #2

any time, i love dinner and i don’t like breakfast.

Answer #3

lmao high hives Same here :D

Answer #4

Anytime between 6 and 8, I guess. I’m not too picky of the time!

Answer #5


Answer #6

Sometimes around 6-7:30. Or whenever I get hungry ;3

Answer #7

between 5-6. I get off work at 5 on weekdays so I start getting hungry around 4:30 to 5:30.

Answer #8

9 or 10, wheneva.

Answer #9

I would say dinner time, I’m just a night person.

Answer #10

8:30 pm

Answer #11

That is actually the first time i’ve ever seen someone dislike breakfast. My family is full of people who eat breakfast at any time of day.

Answer #12

Usually around 4.

Answer #13

Dinner time.

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