Do you eat cereal for dinner?

When my husband was staying in NYC during week and coming home on weekends, during the week was nice because I really did not cook, only on the weekends. During the week I could eat cereal if I wanted for my dinner :))) And you know, cereal actually tastes better at night, I don’t know why that is but it just does.

I am curious as to how many others get in that mode and just eat cereal sometimes for dinner.

Answer #1

I Eat Cereal For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, && For Snacks!!!

Answer #2

yuppp, sometimes lol & it does taste better at night.

Answer #3

Cereal absolutely tastes better at night. Especially if it is a mid-night snack. My favorite cereal is regular Cheerios.

Answer #4

I eat it about 5 times a week fo dinner in winter Odd eh? Nice though!

Answer #5

yuppp, sometimes lol & it does taste better at night

Answer #6

When I’m alone I’ll eat cereal for dinner and sometimes popcorn or ice cream

Answer #7

I’ve done that one or twice.

Answer #8

yes, all things taste better at night.

Answer #9

I eat it for dinner ALL the time. Special K is one of my favorites. Grape Nuts, Multigrain Cheerios, mmm

Answer #10

I eat it anytime..but i eat at the night more than the mornings as a sweet treat after a big dinner lol…i love oat meal especially the maple & brown sugar..!

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