Favorite thing to do in your free time?

Favorite thing to do in your free time (do not say funadvice)

Answer #1

Hang out with friends, relax, go shopping, surf the internet and go on sites such as hannity.com, lds.org, or other sites I like to brows. I also like going to the movies.

Answer #2

surf the net look at the drudge report, talk to friends on aim look on tigerdirect.com for good deals,download torrents and make music with loops and VSTI instruments with adobe audition 3

Answer #3

cooking, going places with my kids, hanging out with my husband, talking to my bestfriend

Answer #4

Swimming,volleyball,wandering around mi neighborhood at night, playing in the rain,,playing with mii doggie :) extc.

Answer #5

playing sports , or going shopping

Answer #6

either hanging out with friends or photography

Answer #7

annoy people by giving them stupid answers/comments. like this!!!

Answer #8

call up my boyfriend and go roller blading with him! (:

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