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What are your favorite things?

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Band-Billy Talent
Colour- Green
Clothes Brand- Ardene
Thing About FA- Talking to everyone
Person- Mother Hen :P But fo real

Least Favorite--

Ice Cream- Tiger Tiger
Stereotype- Dont have One. Love everyone...Cept Hannah Monatana
Experience-- Girl Stuff
Website- Hmmm???
Person- Brianna

Time You-

Go To Sleep- Whenever
Wake Up- School- 6:30 Weekends- 9:30-11:00
Eat- Whenever
Leave Home- Whenever...Every Couple hours.
Go To School Till- 3:30


Best Part:

Seeing Friends and knowing that there is people around you who share the same interests and go through the same thing...Knowing your not alone.

Worst Part:

Wondering if people are talking or laughing about you,

Favorite Teacher:

Hmmm...Mrs. Atkinson.

Favorite School Get-together

Band Concerts


Biggest Concern:

Wondering if everyone is okay as they say they are.

Lover or Significant Other:


No One...BUT HANNAH MONTANA joke joke joke...for real.

Hope this was fun adn not too boring.,