What is your favorite hard liquor?

Answer #1

I don’t drink, but my favourite to cook with is brandy.

Answer #2

does vodka count ??


Answer #3

Not really a fan of hard liquor, I much have the lighter version of mixed c0cktails…like Kahlua, vodka, Irish cream/baileys, peach schnapps with a hint of heavy cream to make an amazing c0cktail! (cant say what is it because might be too dirty to say…(some less ingredients in it & then it can also be called a white Russian :P )

there are really some amazing c0cktails minus all the heavy liquor (i really do hate all the other heavy stuff like whiskey, bourbon, scotch, and so much more…they are just nasty by itself! unless you are talking about a good high quality Courvoisier (a french cognac - my dad’s fav) or Martell (another french cognac)

Answer #4

Crown & jack! Mmm…!

Answer #5

Don’t drink anymore…but I had a love affair with Oozo…well, and Jack Daniels too :)

Answer #6

Jagermiester and Patron.

Answer #7

My favorites in general are vodka, tequila and brandy.

Answer #8

Of course :)

Answer #9

Wow, light versions are so tempting especially when you just want to chill!

Answer #10

yays :D


Answer #11

they sure are…it’s really good that way you dont kill your liver with the hard liquor but also get a nice buzz without burning your esophagus or stomach! :P

Answer #12

Vodka and Scotch.

Answer #13

jack daniels

Answer #14

I no longer drink but when I did I LOVED Jameson and Maker’s Mark. Man, thats good stuff!!

Answer #15

Southern Comfort, Absinthe of Tequila.. Mmmm body shots ^-^

Answer #16

always awesome tequila

Answer #17

vodka, but im starting to love capitan morgan. mix it with dr. pepper for a dr. morgan. my favorite drink.

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