Hard liquor doesnt give you a beer belly ?

Is it true that if you drink(alcohol), that hard liquor doesnt give you a beerbelly ?

Answer #1

This is a funny question. All alcohol will give you a beerbelly if you drink enough of it.

Answer #2

It depends on what kind of liquor you’re talking about. As TY pointed out, The clearer liquors, like gin, vodka, and some types of brandy don’t have many calories. They also won’t give you nearly as bad of a hangover. But the darker, brown liquors like whiskey, tequila, and some kinds of rum, have more calories and give you a worse hangover.

Beer and wine are, actually, pretty healthy beverages when you drink them in moderation. That is, if you can get beer and wine that don’t have preservatives…

Answer #3

No, hard liquor is just as fattening, 1 shot of vodka has 100 calories…

Answer #4

hard liquor just makes me horny and hump the couch…

Answer #5

really?now you tell me…………

Answer #6

really?now you tell me…………

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