How do I stop eating but not pass out?

I’m 13. I wanna be anorexic. I’m 100 lbs 12 ounces and I only wanna drop down to 94 lbs maybe more but when i don’t eat for more than two days I get dizzy and sometimes I throw up (which actually is a good thing but I’m so weak I can’t get up after). How do i not eat and not pass out???

Answer #1

If you want to die at an early age keep doing what your doing, baby that is so unattractive. whay do you want to look like stick stickly?

Answer #2

Shamane’s right why would you want to starve yourself? People are going to look at your personality not your looks.

Answer #3

Stop being lazy and do something else to loose weight, like a fight club, so you can also gain muscle! Stick Stickly?! I didn’t think anyone else remembered him but me!

Answer #4

omg 100!! girrrrl u already skinny . dont do that to yourself. Just talk to somebody about how you feel , they will help you. Good luck =]

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