Father and daughter problems

My dad sometimes treats me like a little kid im 18 and I thought that he would have changed I currently have a boyfriend who I want him to meet im not sacred or anything but I am wondering that if he knws who im with he will kinda free me up a little what you guys think he sometimes tells me that if he knew my friends then I would have more chances to go out please help

Answer #1

Parents always want what is best for you, sometimes they know what that is, and sometimes they don’t. It is hard to keep your mind clear when they do things you don’t like, but keep their intentions in mind. They have been around a couple of years more than you, and even though you might think its different now, most things dont change.

Answer #2

he sometimes tells me that if he knew my friends then I would have more chances to go out please help

Then introduce them…especially since you think once your dad meets your boyfriend, he may very well give you more freedom…DO IT!!


Answer #3

Frankly, some parents don’t like to let us go and make our own mistakes. Mine don’t, and I’m 18. Just have to deal with it till I’m outa the house come college. Talk to him about it. Let him know you’re an adult, and that you can make your own decisions. At worst, he’ll just keep on treating you like a kid.

And sometimes they do know what they’re talking about. Though a recent study shows at 30 that people tend to stop themselves developing intellectually, and concentrate more on the emotional side of things…

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