Kardashev 3

It is predicted that the human race will reach Kardashev 3 by 7,800 A.D. but due to the limits of the speed of light and the great engineering challenges that would have to be overcome to make a Dyson Sphere that would fully enclose the 100,000 light year wide and 1,000 light year thick Milky Way Galaxy, I am not sure if this would happen until millions of years in the future. Even if we developed lightspeed today in 2008 it would still take 100,000 years just to cross the Milky Way Galaxy. The speed of light is also the fastest speed possible in the Universe. This is not even taking into consideration building the enclosed Dyson Sphere around the entire Galaxy which might take billions of years and trying to colonize every planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. Any comments or opinions?

Answer #1

Well the speed of light is not the fastests, the speed on unseen energy is way faster, light you can see right? you can see its reflection yadee yadee yada so it is still slow, and besides everything is just numbers in a sense, like mph… as long as particals are slowly moving (our atmosphere and the very few in space are examples) we can still push off them, its just a matter of finding these new ways to push off these particals to increase acceleration without spliting atoms.

Answer #2

The reason the Speed of light is the fastest speed that anything in the Universe can travel is because if one particle accelerates faster than the speed of light it would become larger than our universe and require an infinite amount of energy to accelerate that one atom to superlumious speeds. This makes FTL (Faster-Than-Light) travel impossible.

Answer #3

I’m glad you asked this question because I didn’t think I knew the term “Kardashev.” When I looked it up, however, I realized I had listened to a podcast on it last week.

Assuming that the human race survives that long, I think it would be possible to reach Kardashev 3 by 7800. As we continue to learn more about physics and technology, we will undoubtedly be able to break down a lot of the barriers we are facing now. It’s not implausible to think that some monumental discovery or discoveries will cause a radical jump in our technology that will make this possible.

Answer #4

to be honest, I doubt the human race will last anywhere near 7800 AD, the way we’re headed now

Answer #5

Not possible with current technology, but maybe 4000 years later, there may be somone who can stand up and create something of this big magnitude.

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