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Kardashev 3

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It is predicted that the human race will reach Kardashev 3 by 7,800 A.D. but due to the limits of the speed of light and the great engineering challenges that would have to be overcome to make a Dyson Sphere that would fully enclose the 100,000 light year wide and 1,000 light year thick Milky Way Galaxy, I am not sure if this would happen until millions of years in the future. Even if we developed lightspeed today in 2008 it would still take 100,000 years just to cross the Milky Way Galaxy. The speed of light is also the fastest speed possible in the Universe. This is not even taking into consideration building the enclosed Dyson Sphere around the entire Galaxy which might take billions of years and trying to colonize every planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. Any comments or opinions?