Faith in God?

whats so important about faith in god, just wondering why people want to have faith in god, and how and why? just asking whats so great about it?

Answer #1

Without God life would be meaningless. Our Lord, our Creator God Almighty loves us so much that He created a beautiful world for us to live in. Beautiful flowers for us to smell and see. Magnificent animals, birds, fish…for us to enjoy.

Jesus loved us first so that we can love Him. The Father sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to show us the way and to save us and take away our sins. These are the reasons why I love God.

Every day I look forward to seeing Him face to face. Heaven is secondary to being able to see Him, to listen to Him talk, sing, laugh…To look into His eyes and know the love I see shining back at me is the deepest most purest love forevermore.

I hope and pray that all will love God as I do, and even more.

Answer #2

To me faith is my life.

Without God, I would not be the person that I am.

In fact, without God, I don’t know what my life would be like.

I have an indication of how things would be, all I have to do is to look back to the way I was before God came into the picture.

I do not choose to live that way again. Without regard to God, and his will, and his precepts.

He is as much a part of my life now as taking a drink of water.

I can’t imagine life without him.

I want to know his will for my life.

I want to fulfill that will.

When life is over, I want to hear, Well done, Good and faithful servant, enter into the joy that I have prepared for you.

I am willing to pay the price in order to hear those words.

In 23 years of loving and following God, I have found him to be true and just and faithful… he is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

He will lead, guide, protect and provide… if we are obedient, and seek him.

He delights in his children.

There are good times and there are bad, but, he does not change.

He will see you thru what ever difficulty that you face, if you stay in faith.

He will speak to you thru his word.

He will direct your paths.

He will forgive your sins, and deliver you from evil.

He will encourage, strengthen, and bless.

He will empower you to live for him.

He is no respector of persons, what he does for one, he will do for all, if they are willing to seek him with their whole heart.

Answer #3

sometimes you can ask yourself this question is there really a god to believe in or is it something that one man has made up in order to see what might come up with it it could either be a tail or it could be true but one things for sure some of the bloody historys for some of the religions dont completely add up to faith in god and is more like a colt of some what would have power over people and control an economy. there was many fights over what religions to believe in especially in Christianity. many people where killed in being forced to believe in Christianity and for the most part could have the most bloody past for religions. most Christians today are basically blind from the past or trie to ignore it for what it could stand for the true meaning of the religions and faith people believe in. in my own thoughts I dont think theres a true religion im not completely sure if there is a god or not and same with his son, I think once we die we might forget everything about our previous life and get reborn to the next as a new born baby, maybe even as a reincarnation of another person from the past so many things that I have left to type and definitely not enough space on the screen but those are all just thoughts going through most peoples minds anyways :)

Answer #4

Amen Silver!

Answer #5

Well, we need to have faith in god so, we can have better lives, guidance, etc. We need him in our lives to help us grow, and, for him to let us have faith, we need to trust him since he’s our Heavenly Father, and Jesus is our personal savior, and so forth. If we as Christians didn’t have faith, I don’t know what we’d do!!

Answer #6

My faith in God, and in fact my daily turning to Him, is what helps me to be the best mother, teacher, wife or friend I can be. It makes me more that I would have been - less selfish and more caring. It also means I’ll spend eternity in Heaven, but to be honest I don’t spend that much time thinking about the future in that way - life right now is very good!

Answer #7

well if you talk to religious people, faith in God is about your immortal soul, I mean you wouldnt want to be burning in hell for eternity now would you? (the good part would be the heaven, fluffy white clouds and all)

Answer #8

inekosama - maybe if you’re trying to make a point about how stupid people are you could try making it without slang and with proper grammar and spelling…

Answer #9

To be blessed in this life and experience the wonders of Heaven and all that entails throughout eternity, Amen !!

Answer #10

The real answer is, belief in gods is not arrived at through reason, and so it can only be achieved through faith.

So then, why would anyone care whether or not you believe? Well, suppose you made your living off the donations of others who believed. Wouldn’t you have a motive to emphasize faith, and maybe even make up stories that God cared about faith…perhaps even making faith the single defining aspect of religion. It’s almost as if the concept of faith were being pushed by charlatans.

Answer #11

I think for most people regardless of their religion, faith is a way of seeking comfort. As far as Christianity is concerned…there is no proof, only faith, and so you have hope that what you are being told and what is taught to you is something you can trust…but because we have no solid proof and it negates reason have to just believe.. I think not having something to believe in, whatever it is, would leave you feeling sort of empty. So people rely on faith.

Answer #12

Actually Heaven is filled with gold and no tears no pain no worries. You would never go hungary and thirsty ever again. And there is proof. God is always there. you trust and beleive and have FAITH. you see you pray to GOD that he will help you in your time of need beleive I sthe main thing tho belive that the Son of GOD died for you to save you. Even if you dont love him he will always love you. sometimes he may say yes to your problems or sometimes he may so not the time yet. But he always hears your prayer! when you need Him youust have Faith that hes there. Read your Bbible and pray to HIM for answers.

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