Why is it fair for a princapel to search your locker?

I have a school esay to fight if it is right or wrone for a teacher or princapel to search your locker if he or she has the idea you have drugs or a wepon in it… (don’t ask what brought it up lol). I am going with, it is right. But i only have 2 good points… Its the teacher/princapels’s job to keep the students safe, and that the lockers aren’t really owned by the student, the school is just letting them us it. Does any one have another good point…

Answer #1

It is not “your” locker. It belongs to the school, and they simply allocate it as being available for your use in accordance with the law of the land and the rules of the school. The Principal has a duty of care to you, other students and staff. If the Principal has reason to believe that a locker is being used in an illegal manner or in contravention of the school rules, then s/he is under an obligation to use whatever legal means are necessary to uphold the law and maintain the best traditions of the school - for your own safety and the safety of others.

No pupil should be allowed to think a school locker is sacrosanct and a good place to stash weapons, alcohol or illegal substances, stolen goods, or illegal pornographic material.

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Answer #2

im gonna go judicial on this one. but i’ll give you the short version. in T.L.O. v. New Jersey, T.L.O. (a student) was caught smoking in a school bathroom. she went to the principal’s and was asked if she had anything illegal in her purse. she said no and the principal told her that he has the right to search it because there is “reasonable suspicion”. the supreme court agreed and laid out the law that made it legal for schools to search you belongings for the safety of others. and yah, the locker isnt “yours”

Answer #3

They shud only b able to search if they know u have something in thr ur not supposed to have

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