Fact or fiction: wearing a plastic bag helps lose weight.

I wanted to lose some weight in 2 and a half weeks, before school opens.
My cousin suggested that if I sat out in the sun all day, wearing a plastic garbage bag, it would make you sweat, and therefore, I would lose weight. I thought he was joking, but he said he was quite serious. Is this true or not?

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he was wrong to suggest that
its extremely dangerous and stupid
no you dont loose weight
you sweat
and that's water weight
if you dont replace that and drink you'll get dehydrated and can black out or faint
if you continue to do it and dont replace that water you can die.

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its a fact...duhh I your in the sun and wearing a garbage bag it'll make you sweat ..so it will obviously make you lose weight

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no but I herd if you put plastic wrap on your core then you can loose body fat but I don't know I havent tried it but its just for thought.

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yea you can my cuzin did it 2 days and lost 6lbs

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