Is it possible for your eye prescription to get higher even if you wear your glasses like you're told to?

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Yes. Definitely.
I wear glasses since I'm 15. I started with -0.5 dioptrics - almost window glass. I always wore my glasses and my eyes got gradually worse. I had to have new glasses every other year. I have -4.75 dioptrics now and I can't find my shoes without my glasses.

You should have your eyes checked regularly and if your vision changed, you will need new glasses.

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Well just did cause my glasses broke so i went in and when she was checking them she told me my prescription is way to high. Even said how am i walking with with out my glasses.I have the same prob to cant find anything without my glasses on. I was 12 when i started wearing mine but never weared them so as i got older my eyes got worse. Then when i was around 17 they told me i need to have them on so i just weared them now im 21 she said mine is -5.00 that i shouldnt be even driving or going any where till my glasses come in.

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-5.00 is a lot"
Can you read any traffic signs without your glasses? Can you read car plates? Can you see the expression peoples faces when they are more than 5 yards away from you? Would you see a pothole or a head-sized stone on the road when driving at 30 mph?

If no, you should really not be driving without glasses.

If yes, you probably got a different measurement system than I have.

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In know it is a lot in the day time i'm fine i can drive around i cant read the traffic signs with out my glasses but i know the colors of them so i'm good with that, plates nope i cant read either. People i can see a little if i focus really hard on them i can see there facial expressions. If it's in the dark time then no i wouldn't be able to see it i know i can rive okay in the day night time heck no everything is pitch black to me. So i'm not driving till i get my glasses,To be safe than sorry.

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Your eyes will gradually get worse. For most people, they need a check up every 1.5-2 years. If you have some sort of underlying eye condition then you might need more check ups.

I have Nystagmus and have had it since I was born (didn't find out until I was 17) and I need a check up 2-3 times a year. In the span of only 5-6 months, I went from 20/50 without my glasses to 20/80 without my glasses.

If you're experiencing a lot of vision change, then ask your doctor about it since it may be an underlying problem.

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I didn't even know i had a change in my vision the last time i went to they eye doctor was when i was 18 now that i'm 21 and just went in this week she told me i got worse and i must have them on no matter what.

Glasses or contacts?:)

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