What are some extreme sports that I can try eventually?

I would like to get into extreme sports, I just don’t have the money now at the moment. Does anyone have any ideas on what extreme sports I can try when I have the time. Also have you done any extreme sports and how did you find it?

Answer #1

While i have not done any extreme sports, I have thought they would be very cool. If your in good shape you could try Parkour, maybe some Cliff jumping or Ice climbing. If you want to be by water then maybe some Bodysurfing. And if you really want to do extreme maybe some B.A.S.E. jumping (the acronym B.A.S.E. means Building,Antenna,Span,Earth.)

Answer #2

The most extreme sports that I have tried is the Bungee jumping. In my free time, I like watch all kinds of sports games with PC satellite-TV software ([link removed]) such as football, basketball and other sports.

Answer #3

Extreme sports?

Base-jumping parachuting hang-gliding class 5 kayaking rock-climbing upside-down haha

Answer #4

Skiing or snowboarding… its reallly really sick.

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