Friend in sport trouble

ok so one of my friends is trying to decide between doing cross country and football for a fall sport next year. I think he wants to do cross country more but im not quite sure. some of my other friends keep trying to get him to play football though saying that they need him more there than in cross country. they say that if he does cross country instead of football then he will be a wimp. I think they only are making him want to do football just to make them shut up. I think he should do cross country but I think that I just think that because I want them to see just how hard it is to do cross country. what should I tell my friend?

Answer #1

he should choose whatever he wants, I think cross country is awesome :) cause I do it myself. He wont be a wimp if he chooses to do cross country because I would say its harder than football and he cant just listin to what his friends want him to do. His Choice!

Answer #2

I think he should get alone - away from ant pressure - weigh pros and cons and make his choice - then ‘My choice, respect it’.

Answer #3

cant you guys do both? if not I guessed I’ve missed something. but I think he would be better at football if it is who I think it is. nothing against him or amything. but I think he should stick to football

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