How much biking will it take to lose weight?

For about half an hour, 5 days a week I go for a bike ride. Is that enough to help me lose a bit of weight? I know my diet has a lot to do with my weight too, but that parts fine. I just want to know how much more biking I should do in a day/week for it to help with weight loss. Do I need more exercise? Is there some simple exercises I could do at home as well?

Answer #1

I was in P.E. for a whole year and I learned a lot from it. I learned that your body needs itleast 60-80 minutes a day of exersize to stay active and in good shape. Whether that means you walk for 30 minutes and the stretch or run or go on a bike ride. When your on a bike your exersizing your legs the most and your upper body might be sweating but thats just your water weight well pretty much. You need to exersize your upper body the BEST thing you can do is go swimming its the best exersize to tone up your body and a really fun one cause when u swim your staying cool. It makes your muscles tighter and it helps out with toneing those hips and arms the most. If you have anymore questions id be happy to help.

Answer #2

Try eating 6 small, low calorie meals daily. Then, your body will not be hungry all day. It will be use to having food in it, instead of shocking it by eating a lot at the same time. Hope this helps.

Answer #3

It’s enough just in order to lose a bit of weight, yes :) Go to a gym (with a friend if you can), combine diet with sport and optionally, do abs at home.

Answer #4

I don’t eat much high calorie food. My diet has been very good lately. Consists of a lot of fruit and whole grain products, and I’ve been good with cutting down on junk food lately.

Answer #5

Thanks everyone:)

Answer #6

If you only exercise for 30 minutes and then go home and eat high calorie food, you won’t lose any weight. You have to exercise and burn off more calories than you eat.

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