How much weight do you usually lose when you're sick?

So I’ve been sick for about two weeks now and for most of this past week I haven’t been able to keep food in my system(thanks to diarrhea and vomiting). Anyway I weighed myself a few days before I got sick and I was about 183 when I weighed myself today I weighed 175 lbs.

Answer #1

depends on how long ive been sick but ive lost up to 5 pounds once or twice

Answer #2

You don’t always loose weight when you are sick. But if you do, it can be anything from next to nothing, to even 10, 15 pounds (or more!) It really depends on the sickness, treatment, what and how much you are eating and drinking, and how long you are sick.

Answer #3

Well i dont know, because i’ve never really been sick (like that) for more than a day. But it depends on when you weighed yourself. The time your supposed to weigh yourself is in the morning, right when you wake up. because if you weigh yourself in the middle of the day its your weight, along with any food you’ve eaten.

Answer #4

It depends on your sickness, and the length of time. I was sick with some similar symptoms as you for about two months once, I lost about 30 pounds that time.

Answer #5

It depends on how long you are sick. I was ill for a long time last year and lost 20kg!

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