How much exercise, is too much exercse??

Answer #1

When you die from it.

Answer #2

ohh ok cool thanks

Answer #3

30 minutes to an hour a day is about as much as you need.
You don’t want to over do it. You’ll know when you have over done it when you can’t breathe, you are in horrible pain, and you feel like you never want to exercise again. :)

Answer #4

It depends on your age, your physical condition, and several other factors. When you’re young, the body doesn’t need as much time to recover between workouts, but as you age, giving yourself a 48-hr rest period between lifting weights, running, etc becomes more important. Take it slow at first, see what your body is capable of. You might consider an intense workout every other day, with some light walking or jogging in between.

Answer #5

when you literally are at exhaustion haha when you cant even lift your body up when you physically cant do no more haha

Answer #6

There is such a thing as too much exercise. And it comes way way before death. People who compulsively exercise or do damage to their bodies due to the exercise are exercising too much. You cant specify how much exercise is too much because it depends. It’s like saying how much food is too much food. Well, it depends on the person.

Answer #7

30 mins to an hour?! i usually do 4 hours monday to friday and i want to do more but im getting told that i shouldnt because what im doing now is almost too much :\

Answer #8

ive been working out for a year and i go to the gym every day for 4 hours but i wanted to do more but im getting told that what im doing now is almost too much :\

Answer #9

What you are doing now IS too much. 30 minutes to an hour a day of exercise is plenty.

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