Where did your most exciting paranormal experience take place and what was it?

Share with me.

Answer #1

I have had many eerie experiences … ask and share

Answer #2

I haven’t got much to tell but one day I really want to stay a night at Kingseat, an ex-mental hospital about 1 hour from where I live right now. Apparently it’s ‘haunted’ or whatever, there have been many people make documentaries on it, I find it really intriguing. In one such doco, a man was filming his friend and all of a sudden, an old dental chair started gurgling (it wasn’t plugged in or anything, it was like 80 years old) and shaking. The footage was confirmed to be unedited and it was actually shown on the news haha, cool aye! I’d love to explore there one day.

Answer #3

Oh I just googled it and it seems it has now been made into a ‘Spookers’, which is like a scary thrill attraction over here in NZ haha. So there goes my plans of exploration -.-

Answer #4

Out amongst the forrest at Junior high camp during the evening. It was windy, hearing many noises.

Answer #5

At a friends house one night the clothes in the laundry room keep shifting around (btw my friend lives in a very old house and its been said that a 7 years old died there) well there was noo explanation for it, so we assume it was her ghost doing these things. The creepy part is the next night we found her grave around a couple blocks and this was at night, we took a picture of the grave and in the picture there was an orb. That my most interesting experience EVER!

Answer #6

that seems so wierd… just the fact it used to be a mental hospital..spooky… if you ever visit kansas… kansas city.. go to the elms hotel… very haunted.. :D

Answer #7

Oh wow same thing happened to my grandmas house! They were playing with a stupid Ouija board and it said that the ghosts name was mary ash… next day the went to the local graveyard… sure enough there was a gravestone labled “ Mary Ash”…. I have a whole bunch more stories..

Answer #8

One day I was little… in my moms room sleeping.. look over to the doorway.. and a figure walked across towards the stairwell… “ oh it was my mom” I thought… so I got up.. walked over and didn’t see anyone walking down the stairs… so I go downstairs… “ hey mom were you up stairs??” She replies “ no, been washing the dishes the whole time” …… Ooooooooooooooooooooo XD

Answer #9

Prob at a haunted cemetary or my house.

Answer #10

whats happened

Answer #11

You all have very active imaginations….

Answer #12

Only thing I thought was weird was when I went to help my mom donate my dead Great Grandmothers bed, but when I walked into where she slept, I kind of just froze and got chills and felt cold. I don’t see much into it though, just my mind playing dumb.

Answer #13

I was having a party at my house and we went to the graveyard to say hi to a family member, after we got there the shed where all the gardening tools are held started making extreme noises. There was no wind and the doors started shaking violently. None of use remember anything after that. The next day was a school day so i walk through the graveyard to save time. There were cop cars there and the shed was beaten in and a couple of bones were on the ground. lol I got yelled at for being on a crime scene. Still dont know what happened, but i know i didnt beat in the building, there was no way i could have done this kind of damage o.o

Answer #14

I was sleeping in the bunk cabin at Fort Delaware with my friend and her little brothers boy scout troop and at night I went in the fort because I left my bag in one of the “changing rooms” for the actors upstairs when we were touring, so I went to get it and I heard this moaning noise at the bottom of the stairwell. I remember one of the tour guides telling us how a Confederate guard slipped and fell down the stairwell and broke his neck and died. So, as I was coming down, there was this force trying to pus me down the stairs. As I turned around, I saw a soldier dissappear into the stone walls.

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