Paranormal experience?

Has anyone ever had a genuine paranormal experience?

Answer #1

I am one


just kidding

not a major one but yea

Answer #2

‘Paranormal’ just means ‘outside of normal’ and ‘supernatural’ just means ‘beyond natural’ so I think that anyone who has any kind of faith, or believes a prayer has been answered, etc, has experienced something supernatural. (I see silverwings has some similar thoughts.) Someone who only believes in what they can see and touch might not believe in the paranormal, but I think that all Christians and people who believe in any god or gods believe in something supernatural.

So, with that understanding, I guess I have supernatural experiences all the time - talking to God has got to be pretty ‘outside of normal’ and having Him answer prayer is seriously ‘beyond nature’ - my mum has recently recovered from brain surgery which the surgeon thought would kill her. While there are plenty of ‘natural’ factors involved in that recovery, we also believe very much that it was God’s answer to our prayers. Obviously He could have answered ‘no’ and that is something that the praying person has to bear in mind, but on this occasion he answered these cross-the-globe prayers with a ‘yes’! So I’m living with someone supernatural/paranormal at the moment. Quite an experience…

Answer #3

I think paranormal has to do with demon spirits, however supernatural has to do with Godly spirits… and I have experienced both… however, it is not my desire to have anything to do with the paranormal.

anything to do with God and his band of angels.. is very welcome.

Answer #4

To be honest, yes, I do truly believe I’ve had an encounter with a ‘spirit’ or an ‘entity’ or a ‘ghost’, or whatever you’d like me to call it. Most of the time, seeing as there have been several, I’m scared out of my wits. Maybe I’m delusional, sure, whatever… I’m sure Circius think so by now. ^^

But, to me, the experience is real. For me, a paranormal experience is a variety of things, just like Circius said. It can be disembodied noises, possesions by an entity, seeing a figure, and other unexplainable phenomenon. I’ve had several different typess happen on several occasions, but there haven’t been any possesions yet. Thank goodness!

But, there will always be someone who doesn’t believe, and someone who makes up stories. I tried to be as factual as possible as I was writing this, but still a bit biased because of my own first-hand ‘accounts’.

No, I won’t post any re-accounts of my experiences here… Especially not one of them unless a certain friend of mine gives me permission. But, if you’d like a good story to tell your friends on All Hallows Eve as you sit around the bonfire, trying to scare eachother silly, funmail me… Or, better yet, just pick up a book by Nora Roberts. She’s not a bad author and will certainly give you a few ideas.

Blessed be!

Answer #5

A paranormal experience can be anything from seeing a ghost to hearing things to just having some plain and freaky things happen to you.

I believe that everyone has paranormal experiences some time in their life, and it’s just your choice as to whether or not you believe it.

If you think whatever happened to you is a bad thing, remember that it is widely known by a lot of religions who concentrate on all that has to do with the paranormal in general-no ghosts or spirits or anything else that might be bothering you are through and through evil. That’s just the Hollywood filling you brain.

From personal experience, I’ve found that there’s usually a reason behind a negative paranormal phenomena, as in to say, something has probably offended something somewhere.

But to simply answer your question, yes, I have had a paranormal experience-many to be correct-and I think a lot of other people have as well.

I hope it helps you, unless you’re just trying to find some good ghost stories for the campfire. If that’s so…umm…good luck! XDD

Answer #6

I totally agree with you floss. People who say noway to paranormal possibility’s are being close minded! I will say a prayer for your mum on her continued recovered, I hope she is feeling better :)

Answer #7

yes, actually I have. very scary stuff. I would have never believed it if I hadn’t witnessed it for myself. a baby screaming it’s head off and people talking and laughing in the upstairs of a home where nobody was there except for me, my older sister, a friend and an older child that my sister was watching. we were warned that we may hear things like that, and that the homeowners were used to it. very very scary, not so much the voices (they sounded like they were having fun) it was the baby’s cry that upset me so much.

Answer #8

once when I was little I was jumping on my bed and I fell backwards but something cauht me it was like it held open its arms and when I fell back it got me, but it ppushed me onto the bed, and when I turned areound, there was nothig to see it was like it was a force, maybbe it was my guardian angel, cause if it hadnt been there I would of craked my skul open, I have also seen loads of ghosts

Answer #9

not great but I saw a faded out man standing near me

Answer #10

No. No-one has.

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