Ghost experiences

What is the craziest ghost/spirit experience you have ever had?

Answer #1

I used to live there, its haunted as hell

Answer #2

my dad and my ex stepmom lived in this gorgeous 200 year old house in a beautiful town, Hudson. So it was my siblings and my weekend with my dad and it was the dead of winter. The heating somehow went off and we just figured it was because the house was old. The only room that was warm was the front living room, so everyone, my dad, stepmom, two older bros, my little sis and I all crashed in the front room. The tv was left on and at two in the morning I heard the shower go on upstairs and the bathroom light flicker on. I thought it was weird that my dad would take a shower in the middle of the night, so I looked up, and everyone was sleeping in the front room. I sat there for a few minuted, looking at everyone in their place. no one was missing and suddenly the shower and lights turned off. I got so scared that I went under my covers and hid (I was 8). I asked anyone if they heard it the next day and they all said no. Other people like workers and my brothers had encounters better than mine at the house. So my oldest brother went to the library and researched it, like six people died there over the years. now its a bed and breakfast b/c my dad moved out, its got a website=D

Answer #3

whats the website ^^^ ?

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