What excersises are good to make your stomach flat?

Answer #1

Well most ppl would do sit ups, but you can do planks, bicycles, ands there’s this one that’s called “v’s” which basically you’re doing v shappped crunches with your body, and they actually work. Hope I helped ;)

Answer #2

Well i think rowing is the best exercise for your stomach, but you’ll need a boat and water… sit ups is also a very good way toe exercise your stomach. but there’s alot of things you could do, even pull ups…

Answer #3


Answer #4

Crunches! And a lot of them. If you’re not used to them your gonna be in some pain for a while, but don’t give up on them…the payoff is worth it.

Answer #5

Don’t slouch, it’ll make your stomach look fatter, and you’ll get a hunchback. So straighten up, and do sit ups.

Answer #6

i’ve always been told to do crunches and cardio such as running, other wise your just building muscle underneath the layers and it won’t be flat.

Answer #7

I use a make up remover called Albolene..I apply it on my abs and put on my sweat belt..I do alot of crunches because that tends to work better than sit ups to me…I go for power walks… and I can see my results…Albolene causes you to sweat a lot more in the area that you apply it to ….Look it up, it works…Good Luck.

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