Does anyone know how much an E.O.C. Exam effects your grade?

Please help,Thankks.(:

Answer #1

It depends on what your teacher says. when i was in highschool if you got a good grade on your EOC exam, they would swap it with your Final grade. But idk now

Answer #2

Thank you!(:

Answer #3

yup! i hoped it helped haha it wasnt that long ago when i was in highschool but im sure it wouldnt change that fast

Answer #4

Hahah!(: You are really pretty by the way.!(:

Answer #5

haha awe thanks. right back atcha

Answer #6

you must be in algebra honorss If you are in public school, you already get 3pts for honore in private school you get 5pts If you do a good job, it can boost your grade some points. It is super easy. Good luck

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Answer #8

Haha, yes I am in honors and thank you!(:

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