ex boyfriend / girlfriend's ?

do anyone miss they ex boyfriendd / girlfriendd ?

it dont have to be your most recent one it can be one from a whilee .


Answer #1

umm hahah if this was like 5 months ago than I owould have said yea haha but I’m happy ♥

Answer #2

Yea sometimes, no to the point where I want to be with them. But some things just remind me of them and I miss who I thought they were.

Answer #3

Hell Yah!! (I just broke up wit my girl yesterday)

Answer #4

yeah… although that may be because I havent found someone I connect with since her…

Answer #5

Yes I miss mine like crazy id just talk too my friends and one thing would make me thank of her

Answer #6

hunny yes I do completely. trying to get him back. Can’t help it I’m stubborn. I think a lot of people do (miss ex’s)

Answer #7

awuh; dhatt sucks . ( psycho ]

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