Would you erase certain parts of your life?

kind of inspired by Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, if you had the opportunity to erase certain parts your life, be it a failed relationship, a regretful period, or a point in your life when you were at a low point point, would you do it? everthing else that you wanted to keep would stay there, but your memories and other peoples memories of other periods in your life would be gone, not even photgraphs would exist. Or are you a strong believer in what hurts us makes us stronger? I can’t say I believe in fate, but as in the film, what if fate is kind of true, is there any credence to our paths being set, and these events and memories we lose would happen anyway?

Answer #1

I wouldn’t - even the bad stuff…. everything I’ve done has led to another part of my life, and eventually to where I am now.

Answer #2

I would…too much pain that I care to remember in my life…if I could erase some of it I would…some things are worth remembering and some are best forgotten! Too bad memories are kind of like our wake up call to reality when you hv to stand there & say yes it did happen to me in this lifetime & no I cant seem to forget it or change what happened! Would be nice to start over:P

Answer #3

no cus its made me the man i am today.

Answer #4

No I wouldn’t erase parts of my life, I don’t want gaps. I want all the blanks filled in even if they’re bad.

Answer #5

maybe certain detrimental parts

Answer #6

I would never erase moments in my life because that would change who i am- i would maybe go back and change things… like not go through my mistakes but then again i wouldnt be the same

Answer #7

true it did make you who u r today

Answer #8

I wouldn’t take anything away, even the painful mistakes. Not just because they made me who I am today, but because I feel I some mistakes I would eventually make. If I took them away I would most likely end up making them again.

Answer #9

hell yes i would… christ man i tell ya :( i have been fine my whole life until i dated

Answer #10

No because honestly I have no clue who i’d be today without everything i’ve experienced in my past, and I love who I am.

Answer #11

At first I would not hesitate to say yes…but If I erased them I would be someplace else with a different life and set of issues.

Its all about how you play with the cards you’ve been dealt.

Answer #12

na ahh! All dat has landed me here..n im actualy happy with where i am! Wouldnt jus erase it 4nothin! Bt if u ask me if i wana start over…ahhh..TOTALY!!!

Answer #13

Yup. I’d erase all my childhood up and more until I was 12 because that’s when the most painful things in my life went away :D

Answer #14

Never. Nothing. Every little thing I’ve experienced has shaped me into the person I am. I don’t think erasing a bad experience would be any better than erasing a good experience to be honest, I’m still losing a part of me. The idea of even forgetting things frightens me, so I certainly wouldn’t want to bring it on myself.

Answer #15

Definitely not. Every little part of my life has made me the person I am today, and I’ve come to the realization that I’m perfect right now and I wouldn’t change a thing :)

Answer #16

Nope. What we experience shapes our lives, and I am very happy with the way I am now. I hope I never change. Ok maybe never, people always must change, but ya’ know.

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