What tv family would you want to be a part of?

I would either choose Roseanne or Grounded for life, i just love the parents on these shows they are so nonconventional lol.

Answer #1

The Kardashians. I’d be the odd pale one with a brain :)

Answer #2

fresh prince of bel-air: the Banks’

Answer #3

they got money

Answer #4

Girls next door, Playboy mansion.. haha x

Answer #5

Haha, I like the way you think :)

Answer #6

Haha thanks.. It would be sooooo good :P

Answer #7

Chris’ family on everybody hates chris, i wud be the goofy one that over laughs at all the jokes lol jk

Answer #8

The Munsters.

Answer #9

The brady bunch. The Mom is hot, plus Marsha. Definitely want to see those two nude. Maybe even Alice. I know she has grey hair, but you have to admit, when she bends over to take something out of the oven. . . .mmm mmm mmmm! She is all woman!

Answer #10

8 simple rules

Answer #11

The Simpsons, for sure. And I’d be BFF’s with Lisa. And kick Bart’s butt.

Answer #12

well they arent exactly a family but friends and full house

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