Would you want to buy a real life tron motorcycle, like in the new movie?

I saw this the other day and I thought, wow…if I was rich, I’d totally buy the motorcycle from the tron movie. Does anybody else think it’s cool OR am I just a geek like that?

Answer #1

Well I would not, more of a Harley cruiser type bike, I would buy a electric cruiser with the look of a Heritage Classic Harley.

Answer #2

(image of the tron cycle…)

Answer #3

I am not sure if I am even strong enough to handle it…. With a handsome rider in front, the answer is yes. :-)

Answer #4

ive got a motorbike licence and ill own any bike, i love them all..

its just so perfect to be on a bike.

Answer #5

That is what my wife says, she does not want to drive the bike just ride behind me on it.

Answer #6

They’re pretty cool, but I’ve kind of learned to fear motorcycles XD It was an excellent movie though. Saw it twice in theaters, almost three times.

Answer #7

Oh yeah!…. It’s a lot like the motorcycle that breaks away from the batmobile in the Dark Knight… O_o

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