Does epsom salt really help muscle aches?

Today I had waken up really sore from going to the gym yesterday and one of my friends told me that they take a bath and put like a t-spoon of epsom salt directly into the bathtub to decrece the aching musle pain. Does that really work?

Answer #1

Yup. Also helps with blisters, and you can use it as a laxative. O: magic!

Answer #2

yes it is.

Answer #3

Absolutely. If you find the more pure epsom to be irritating to your skin try sea salt in the same ratio.

Answer #4

Yes it does help! I use to bath in it all the time. Especiallh my last weeks of pregnancy. I had horrible pains and that stuff worked good!

Answer #5

Yes! and it is good for your skin also. It is also good relaxation.

Answer #6

Yes! It works really good! It really helps when your sore.

Answer #7

Sure does, I use it after a hard workout

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