how to enroll yourself into therapy?

I am thinking of going to therepy just so i can get all my feeling out on alot of things and see if it will help. but how do i go about enrolling myself

Answer #1

Do you have insurance? Cause if you do you can call your insurance company and ask for a list of places that will take your insurance. Thats the only way i’ve ever found places. Aside from that I dont know =/

Answer #2

thank you that helps alot

Answer #3

Depends. If you can afford to pay out of pocket, talk to people to find out who they refer, then just call the therapist. If you are under insurance, call to find out who is covered. If you dont have insurance and have a low income, google ‘community mental health’ around your are.

Answer #4

See if you can get referrals by talking to people and then, if you have insurance, get a list of covered therapists. Call the people you’ve gotten referrals for first. If you don’t have insurance, many therapists offer sliding fee scales (I used to - every therapist I know does). If you can’t get personal referrals from people you know, then take a look at places like or Make sure you search for a therapist who treats the issues you are specifically dealing with. Then call and talk to them. Many therapists will speak with you briefly on the phone before making an appointment (some won’t - I avoid recommending those people). Usually if you talk to them for a few minutes you can get a pretty good feel for whether you’ll be a good fit.

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