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What's the use of sharing things in therapy if they will get reported?

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I just don't get it, I shared with my theraphist that I cut, I only did this to get help because it reached a certain point. So all he did was report to my caseworker and all of a sudden everyone freaks out, isn't the point of theraphy is helping me with things as such? Why would he report it at all? I mean I understand that if cps recieves a report like that and then they go check on the kid and get him/her help, that makes sence, but why would it be reported when help is already happening? I have also shared other things with him, and when I did he reported it as well, even though what I shared was the reason why the case with CPS opened in the first place, and again everyone started taking turn already and just making this case longer. I mean at the end, I guess I just need a little explanation on all this? Anything?