Do I look like Emma Watson?

my cousin is one of Emma Watson’s biggest fans, she’s (hermione granger) in the harry potter movie… and she keeps telling everyone about how beautiful Emma is! so, my cousin keeps watching me all the time! when I get mad, or when I’m laughing or doing anything on this planet, she keeps telling me that I look exsactly like her!! it pisses me off, I told her to stop saying that, she stopped but she’s still looking at me and telling everyone that I look so much like her!! and everyone agrees with my cousin. does that mean my cousin’s jelous? (she always try to act like her) and do I really look her?

Answer #1

I do think you look like her a little! But you shouldn’t take offense. Your cousin really likes Emma, and its not like Emma is ugly right? So take it as a compliment. Maybe your cousin is just really excited that you look like her favorite actress :)

Answer #2

ya, but my cousin’s 2 years older than me, and she acts like a woman, she never acts her age! and we don’t talk a lot, I usually play with the boys and youngr girls(she never plays with us), I don’t like being with her, just talking to her makes me sleepy, I’ve never seen her laughing, her smiles and laughs are all fake!! what makes her really excited in me if she never even asked how I am?!

Answer #3

no not at all no resemblens but I still dont understand why that whould be an insult?

Answer #4

I think you do a little bit.

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