Why doesn't Emma Watson laugh, or seems not to be happy too much these days?

Emma been been Not really smiling or laughing like she normally does when she’s being interviewed on late night shows or being a guest on morning talk shows. It’s like she’s annoyed with the interviewers asking her questions. It seems like she’s stressed out,tired doesn’t want to be their,and she is like hyper when the late night or morning show hosts ask her questions why do you think she’s been like this lately? It’s not that talk show hosts are annoying.

Answer #1

Like one time Emma said you ask me this question all the time…I mean I though she was nice..an normally the talk show hosts are very nice not annoying..do why did Emma get a little angry?

Answer #2

You’ll never know unless you ask her. None of us can answer that.

Answer #3

gas just went up..

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