Do blood tests or shots hurt more?

which do you say is more hurtfull?

blood tests? shots? how much do they hurt? tankk you all ya fans of mine.

Answer #1

honestly its not to painful I got a sickness that required me to get blood drawn very often and trust me its not that bad at all a bit of a pinch but you forget about it very ver soon!! trust me I had 8 staples in my head those are nothing really!! just relax and think about something that makes you happy!

Answer #2

I got the gardisil shot and it hurt like a b*tchh… MOST arent painful. but some are. I am a very queasy person. so that probably doesnt help… umm, I guess.. hold your breath. and hum your favorite tune. squeeze yoru eyes shut. and pretend your on clouds! hahaha sounds crazy.

Answer #3

neither really hurt if you wanna go into it ..shots probably more..because when their doing blood tests their taking blood out …shots their putting stuff in but neither hurt like at all..just dont really look at them when their taking blood…

Answer #4

you sure? thanks your advice was help ful

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