Do some of you think that some of Edgar Allen Poe's work does not make that much sense?

Like with his short story of the journey a man took in a hot air balloon. As I read it the story never really captured my interest he goes by such intricate detail that it feels like the story is going on forever. But other stories like “The Raven”, “ Tell-Tale Heart”, “Annabelle Lee”, and “The Black Cat are rather good short stories each with a very dark and depressing feeling in every sentence. I think it I absolutely amazing how Poe’s work can get into the core of our very minds and haunt them. What do you Poe fans think?

Answer #1

It makes sense, some people just don’t get it.

Answer #2

Very good answer Angelee27

Answer #3

I suppose it does. Not that many people have a great interest in Poe.

Answer #4

Thanks. :-)

Answer #5

It’s called deep thinking and deep feelings …

Answer #6

If I’m not mistaken, much of Edgar Allan Poe’s poetry was written through his “stream of consciousness”. Which means he writes what ever crosses his mind spontaneously and unedited. So much of it won’t “make sense” in a sense, but when one begins to analyze it, they realize it does in fact make sense, and even more so to Poe and has much to do with him. I adore his poetry, in my eyes, he’s a genius.

Answer #7

Also :P, since you seem to like Poe, do you read T.S Elliot? His poetry is rather dark, and just simply amazing. He wrote a lot that related to his life and our lives, a lot of it is ironic and “doesn’t make sense”.

Answer #8

Anything can be interpreted by anyone. His work may be confusing, but everyone has their own viewpoint of any poem or story. For example; “The Old Man and the Sea” may have just been a normal story, but some people interpreted it to be a symbolic tale. Some see the story as just a story, and others see it as a symbolic reference to facing and dealing with struggles in our lives, and others see it as a book about how we shouldn’t rely on luck. We don’t know what the author’s intention was when he wrote the book, but in any work of art, if its a painting, a sculpture, a song, or a piece of literature, the observer or the reader is completely welcome to interpret it however he or she wants to. Poe may of been thinking of something totally different than you do when you read his poems, but that’s a way of showing an artist, author, or poet is very good at what he or she does if they can create a master piece that can be viewed and adored in many different aspects.

Answer #9

I have never heard of T.S. Elliot. And I might start reading some of his work.

Answer #10

To truly understand the meaning of the stories, you must first understand his style of writing, Gothic Literature. I have to say that I love Poe’s stories. His short stories are very interesting. Many people that do not understand or can’t relate to his stories find it hard to interpret Poe’s real message. I am not too familiar with Gothic literature but I do find Poe’s works and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s works very amusing and particular to me. I read some of Poe’s works in middle school and I’ve learned to cope with his works. Unlike Nathaniel Hawthorne, I find that Edgar Allan Poe interprets the best meaning into his stories when it comes to tragedy and mystery. However, I find Hawthorne’s life and stories much more entertaining.

Answer #11

Oh yeah and if you look into the Poe Society, you can find the true meanings and the symbolism that Poe implies in his poems and stories.

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