Is there really going to be an eclipse tonight?

Answer #1

Yep sure is, I won’t get to see it though cuz I’m not in the right part of the world

Answer #2

Yes. In some countries you will be able to see it.

Answer #3

Will you be able to see it from UK?

Answer #4

Yes don’t know wat time though

Answer #5

what about the US?

Answer #6

Should be between 21:00h (9:00 pm) and 23:00 h (11:00 pm)

Answer #7

Won’t see it in US till december

Answer #8

Yeah! Im not sure what all countries get it, but we do. :)

Answer #9

Besides the eclipse is visible at the same time for everyone who can see the moon, you just have to calculate your time zone…

Answer #10

Interesting my meteorologist said we won’t b able to c it at all

Answer #11

Yep. It will be at noon (US west coast) or afternoon (US east coast).

Answer #12

Well that time has allready past its 3pm here, and the sun is shineing,wud I have still been able to c it?

Answer #13

Yes, but not viewable from everywhere (e.g. not in the US.) I think it is supposed to be seen in the UK tho’.

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