What is a solar eclipse,?

Whats a solar eclipse. It it dangerouss.?

What happens during one.?

Answer #1

solar eclipse is when the moon moves in fornt of the sun for like a small mount of time te last one startet and ended not long ago in asia it was like the longest one ever seen in our last 6 generations

Answer #2

a solar eclipse is when the moon moves in front of the sun for a period of time if you stare at it you will have eye damage… I think you go blind…

Answer #3

Solar eclipse is when the moon passes between the sun and the earth blocking the sun. It’s not dangerous as long as you don’t stare, its bad for your eyes.

Answer #4

If they were dangerous, we would definitely be long gone. It’s just the moon passing over the sun during orbit for a few moments. It’s only dangerous to look straight at it without protective eyewear, since you’re still staring right at the sun.

The only thing that happens is that it turns dark in whichever portion of the world is experiencing the eclipse, then all is normal again.

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