Does heat really rise?

If heat rises why is there always snow on the top of mountins and it gets colder the higher you go?

Answer #1

Yeah, hot air rises to a degree, at the same pressure it’s a fraction less dense and is displaced upwards by colder heavier air being falling down into it’s place.

It’s still cold at high altitudes because as you go higher the pressure drops a lot and the atmosphere mostly gets it’s heat from solid ground that’s been heated by the sun.

The pressure drops because there’s less air above pushing down, even though it’s just air really does add up (if you’ve ever tried to create a vacuum with a plunger or something you’re basically pushing against the pressure from all the air in the atmosphere above you, and it’s pretty hard work).

Colder air under less pressure is still less dense than hor air under lots of pressure so the hot air won’t rise above it.

The less dense air on top radiates heat constantly into space but only gets a trickle of heat conducting up from the ground so it stays pretty cold up there.

Answer #2

Are you confusing North and up?

Because… Damn, I don’t know how say it nicely, so I’ll leave it unsaid.

Answer #3

thats a totally different thing. wind, air, rain all those things come from the north. that also explains why canada is cold.

Answer #4

yes because the core s heat come to the surface and the convection currents push it back down… its kinda like a HUGE lava lamp… get it?

Answer #5

yes, hot air is less dense then cold as the particles are excited, I.e have more kinetic energy, and as a result further apart. As you go up a mountain, I think it is because the air thins that it get colder rather then hotter.

Answer #6

uhh.. heat rises..

I believe its snowy and cold on the mountains because the ammount of air, or particles of it, thin out the higher you go up. so the less particles, the less able it is for them to hold heat.

And the heat rises off the surface of the earth so…

Answer #7

yes heat rises and cold falls if you open your frezzer you’ll feel the cold fall so the heat rises.

Answer #8

because there’s less air there, so the hot air can’t stay there… and the closer to the outer kayers of the atmosphere you get, the colder it gets.

Answer #9

heat rises yes but over large heights it cools as it passes into colder air …usually warm air over mountains cools condenses and produces rain but if it is icy cold the moisture will just freeze or pass over in the clouds if you get what I mean. the hot air doesnt stay hot

Answer #10

as heat rises it also cools in the atmoshere which makes the air asend to the troposhere where it heats up again. cool, huh. :)

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