Why does eating icecream always make me cough?

Ive always wondered this. Everytime i eat icecream when im done i end up coughing for a few minutes. What causes this? Im sure its something thats a no brainer...but i honestly have no clue.

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Probably the cold does it, it makes me cough too, anythink cold makes me cough, i cough every morning i wake up cause its really cold lol!

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It could also be some of the preservatives in the ice cream. It makes me cough as well, but is always worth it :)

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My brother coughs after eatin ice cream to,he is allergic to milk and his doc said he will always cough after ice cream

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I have the same problem. Icecream contains a LOT of preservatives as well as lactose, both which can cause sensitivities and allergies. I get asthma from eating icecream because of that.

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If i eat too much icecream then it makes me cough.

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