What do you think about eating competions, are they healthy?

Answer #1

They are obvioulsy unhealthy, the human body is not mean to consume that much food and calories all at once. It’s extremely gross too.. i dont see any girl being impressed by a guy eating 50 hotdogs.

Answer #2

ok, no matter WHAT, too much of ANYTHING is bad for you. period.

Answer #3

Not a great way to loose weight, I would think. Healthy? Not unless you enjoy puking up 50 or so hot dogs… or 16 blueberry pies… Why would you think that there is some benefit to over stuffing you body? Other than to get a prize at some country fair or record book competition. Seems pretty inane to me unless you enjoy being obese.

Answer #4

Eating competition is only one time affair and hence doesn’t make much difference to your health for sure. If your eating habit is irregular with no food or heavy junk food regularly then your health will be effected for sure

Answer #5

The problem with eating competition is that people take them seriously and they “train” for them. So it’s not always a one time thing and it does affect their health.

Answer #6

How could they be healthy? Most of the eating competions are mainly unhealthy foods to begin with, and a large amount of that unhealthy food, can never be healthy. I think honestly that eating competetions are totally stupid. The more you do it, the more you’re putting your body in danger.

Answer #7

It is way to unhealthy, how do you feel after you eat too much? Like trowing up or you get stomach pain, or at least I know I do. Not only that, all of the food they use is fast food making it even worse.

Answer #8

They are extremely unhealthy and unwise to compete in. Not only is the person participating in the competition consuming extremely high amounts of calories, but depending on the food, they are also getting TONS of sugars or fats as well. Considering most people train eating massive amounts of foods months in advance in order to be able to compete, this is even worse on their bodies. It’s unnatural and horrible to eat that much, in such a short time.

Answer #9

they are certainly unhealthy.sometimes it can cause hiccup.

Answer #10

Unhealthy. Your body can’t take it. That’s why some people or most throw up after consuming to much of anything.

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