does anyone else love eating with chopsticks?

or is it just me? lol

Answer #1

i fu*king hate chopsticks. I always break them in anger.

Answer #2

Yes…eating with chopsticks is fun especially when you eating noodles.

Answer #3

o.O .. R.I.P chopsticks,, tear… lol

Answer #4

I love them ! :D It’s like a game :DD

Answer #5

I use them everyday, and I’d say I like it better then using a fork.

Answer #6

I’ve never used them. They seem retarded.

Answer #7

I love it too! its weird but i like it

Answer #8

I like eating with chopsticks, I tend to eat too fast with a fork so chopsticks are a perfect way to slow me down

Answer #9

as for me its solving a question of maths.but i love to try.not always but sometimes :)

Answer #10

I like eating with them. I just don’t always get them right :)

Answer #11

i always eat noodles with chopsticks because if i use a fork i eat them too fast and end up with half of them down my top XD


Answer #12

No, Takes me ages to pick up the food so I much rather use a fork.

Answer #13

LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Answer #14

love it…I bring them and my own hot sauce everywhere.

Answer #15

Lolz =D

Answer #16

I hate chopsticks, I just end up screaming “Can somebody please get me a fork?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”

Answer #17

I do. Very special and cute lol

Answer #18


Answer #19

Chopsticks make food more entertaining. Plus, after you’re done eating, you can do a drum solo on the table.

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