Can u actually eat out all the time at fast food restaurants and still be healthy?

Answer #1

i watched a video on that and it did end so well. so my answer is no!

Answer #2

If its a restaurant that has salads and stuff like that I guess you could be, as long as you dont choose the unhealthy food everyday. But it would cost more money.

Answer #3

Watch the movie Super Size Me. The guy at fast food for breakfast lunch and dinner for a whole month.. not good.

Answer #4

IMO, no. I think you may feel healthy now, but you would pay for it later in life.

Answer #5

Ironically enough i’m watching “super size me” right now and apperantly no way in hell can you do that and stay healthy.

Answer #6

No. Even the ‘healthy’ options aren’t all that healthy.

Answer #7

No i dont think so.

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