What's easier to learn: Guitar, or Keybord?

I have a guitar, but I have a super hard time remebering the chords, and switching to and from them. Also, its hard to get it to sound good. Idk how to explain it. Keybord, I could auctally write the chord on the keys. Does a keybord need tuning though?

Answer #1

A keyboard doesnt need tuning, but a piano does. For me, the guitar is easier to learn, but Im more into guitar than I am into piano. Guess it depends on how much you want to learn it. If the guitar is hard, try the keyboard, it might be easier :P

Answer #2

Nothing is going to be “easy”. If you’re not willing to try very hard, dont bother attempting to learn either, especially not the guitar.

Answer #3

Well I think the keyboard is easier. I have done both. But then again, it all depends. You also have to remember the chords on keyboard too. Good luck!!

Answer #4

Learning to play any instrument well takes a lot of work but for me keyboard seems easier.

Most keyboards are fully electronic and don’t need tuning. Electro-mechanical keyboards like the Rhodes electric piano does need to be tuned but generally stays in tune for long periods of time since it uses metal tines rather than strings.

Answer #5

Well , See now thats not what I meant. Obsl, I care and will pratice, if I didn’t care enough to pratice hard, I wouldn’t have asked. What I mean is, Which is going to be quicker to learn and get adapted to. However, I’m guessing by your answer that guitar is harder??

Answer #6

Thanks for your help :) Yea, keybord does seem easer. People always say I have piano fingers, which got me instreed in keybord, cause it can do pop too .

Answer #7

Thanks for sharing your expirence with me :)

Answer #8

Thanks for your opion :)

Answer #9

GO for it!

Answer #10

i’d say the keyboard is. i mean i play guitar but theres just SOOO much you can possibly do on it, and it gets complicating if the chords are way advantced. so yeah :p plus you don’t have to strecth your fingers like crazy on some notes.

Answer #11

It’s not that it’s easy i play both and to tell you the truth they were both easy to pick up just because as long as you wor hard and practice they will both seem easy.

Answer #12

Be a champion-learn the keytar.

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