How can i ease the pain when running when i have period cramps?

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you could take a pain pill before going out, or wear those muscle heating pads that self heat i think you can get them at walmart they are for backs and legs/knees but the back one i turn it around onto the front.

usually exercise helps cramping but i personally never thought it helped hehe i just try stay on the couch during that time.

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try taking a hot bath before you go out to run. this always helps

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Magnesium supplement. Lol. I always say this but it works. Drink a fizzy magnesium pill just before running. Also make sure you are hydrated. Then you can also take a pain pill before hand, that'll also work.

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For some reason a banana always helps me, but I learned from one of my gym teachers in the past that working out can help with cramps on your period. But from my experience, a banana and some midol always helps!

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