Is dry shampoo intended for wet or dry hair?

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its intended for dry hair. i think prefferbly oily hair, it acts as baby powder, supposodly giving your hair more fluff, and taking away the flat look.

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Dry shampoo is meant to be used on dry hair. The product is intended to be used on dirty oily hair when you dont have the time to wash it. Its basically a powder that sprays out of the can and dries the oil up out of your hair making it appear clean and not flat.

If you have dark hair i would not recommend it though. The powder that comes out is white and it severly dulls dark hair and you can see the powder no matter how many times you brush it.

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dry hair its like a re-fresher

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Dry hair, hence the name DRY shampoo

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Girl, you answer all my questions.(: Thank you!

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Now, that's arguable! 'Cause they do not specify.

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