Is it bad for a 15 year old to drink a glass of wine every week?

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Well. One glass a week won't do you any harm, but you are under age and thus its illegal drinking. But if you're parents are cool with you drinking a glass of wine a week then you'll be fine. I was 15/16 when my parents said its ok if I drank like a glass or half a glass on special ocassions. As long as I didn't do it without their knowledge they were fine with it, because they just didn't want any harm to come to me. So, just don't drink and do something that'll put you at risk.

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@Suzaan - good advice. However, Alice's profile says she is in England where it is not illegal for a 15 year old to drink alcohol in private (though they are not allowed to buy it.

It may surprise you that in the United kingdom, children as young as five years old may legally drink alcohol in a private location such as their own home, or a private party.

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majikthise is right - this law also applies to Canada ... there is no age restriction as long as they are under parental supervision (it's amazing the number of little loopholes in the law people never know about).

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I do, but not at once. just sips from time to time. It gets rid of the idea of OMG ALCOHOL LETS GET DRUNK. so i find it ok

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Yes. In my country, there is no legal age for drinking in private. You can drink, as soon as your parents allow you to. Legal age to buy beer and wine (as well as drinking it in public) is 16 and legal age to buy any other alcohol is 18.

You should not binge drink. That will damage your brain. It's worse for a teen, as you are still growing - and your nervous system is still developing, but it is also very unhealthy for an adult person. You should not get drunk on a regular basis at any age.

But having a beer or a wine every other week is not unhealthy.

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Same here. (Germany) They don't sell beer & wine to kids under 16. And they don't sell other alcohol to kids under 18. But you can drink a beer with your "Bratwurst and Sauerkraut" at 4 if your parents say OK.

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Here in the USA, laws vary from state to state. But in most states it is *not* illegal for parents to give their minor children alcoholic beverages to drink. Otherwise, there would be an awful lot of raids on Jewish families in their homes all across the country during Pesach (Passover) seders next week.

By the way, many people think that learning to drink in this controlled and sanctified context sanctioned by family and community is why the rate of alcoholism is lower among Jews than others in the USA.

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other than being under-age and getting into trouble, it won't hurt you at all and is perfectly fine. In some countries children are allowed to drink wine with dinner

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its actually healthy for your heart to drink a single glass of wine a day.

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Wow... ok. Good to know. In South Africa it is illegal to sell or give alcohol to any one under the age of 18. The age is actually going to change soon and become 21. But I really think this law will only contribute to more illegal drinking, because in South Africa laws are hard to enforce.

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In NZ there is actually no legal drinking age. The purchase age is 18, but technically its not illegal to drink at any age

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It's not illegal for me to drink in my own home. i drink a glass of wine when i go to my dad's house and he gives me it so i think it's perfectly fine. what i was referring to in the question was that is it bad for my health? will i suffer health problems in the future from this?
Thanks for answering :)

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as long as ur parents are ok with it

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