What do you think of this dress; is it appropriate for a wedding?

It’s a bit too cutesy for my style but I kinda like it at the same time, but I’ve never been to a wedding I have no idea if it’s appropriate. It is mid-thigh long. Do people usually wear floor length dresses for weddings? Or is shorter ones fine?

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I love that dress! I think it would be perfect for the wedding!:) You’re really pretty too! Do you know the color scheme tho? Like if it’s light colors like pinks, yellows or dark ones like purples, browns. If it’s lighter ones you may want to go with a lighter shade dress but whatever you feel comfortable in is best :)

Answer #3

No, inappropriate!!! you cant be prettier than the bride, you spotlight-hog!! No I’m just kidding you don’t look that good, you can wear that, aw I kid kid, you look amazing, bahaha, whos getting married?

Answer #4

It’s cute & looks wonderful on you, I think you should wear it !

Answer #5

Cute! And totally appropriate for a wedding! :)

Answer #6

Oh jeez :S I didn’t know there were color schemes XD I have no idea what theirs is. But thanks! I had no idea at all!

Answer #7

Lol you’re very nice as usual. Just a friend :P

Answer #8

I like it, I’d probably wear a cardigan sweater over it, to add some color and just to look a bit more dressier.

Answer #9

Yeah that was sexy!

Answer #10

Yes, but I’d wear a shawl of some sort.

Answer #11

I prefer the high-low one. Much cuter and show legs on front but keep warm at night with a long back.

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