What era do you think this dress would belong in?

I’m looking for a bridesmaids dress for my vintage inspired wedding? Do you like the dress?

Answer #1

Yes like the dress and looks like late 80’s maybe early 90’s

Answer #2

mmm… I think you have asked this question before :-) So better not re-post the same question, Queen.

Answer #3

I know, but the picture was so tiny on the first post.

Answer #4

Yes I believe it belongs in the 90’s era. Colors as such were worn more then. I do like the dress but I feel it’s not suitable for bridesmaid dresses. I haven’t been to a vintage inspired wedding before though, so you would know best. :)

Answer #5

It looks like a mid 90’s bridesmaid dress to me.

Answer #6

And I like it very much :)

Answer #7

I would say 60’s maybe 70s

Answer #8

thanks everyone. I really love the dress. I was thinking it reminded me more or late 50’s early 60’s? I’m trying to incorporate a feel of that time period. I am actually having my wedding dress designed like my grandmothers wedding gown who was married in the 50’s at the age of 15! crazy stuff. anyway, I really would love to have these as my bridemaids dresses.

Anyone have any ideas of cute bridesmaids dresses?

Answer #9

It almost looks like something that was popular in the 50’s then emerged again later maybe in the late 80’s and even 90’s!

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