Do think this is a pretty Wedding Dress?

Do you think this wedding dress is pretty. (I’m WAY to young to get married, im just bored and thought it is a gorgeous dress!) I wouldn’t want anything normal so not a fully white dress. I was thinking red for love, and white for purity…What do you think…It is nice looking?

Answer #1

I like it

Answer #2

I think its really cute…but I’m not loving the red! It is a gorgeous dress, but for a wedding, I would pick something a little less flashy. You have excellent taste, though! :)

Answer #3

one word to discribe it… UNIQUE

if your going for a “world” look in the wedding then its perfect.

personally I love it! good choice. do it do it. its one of the you either love it or hate it dresses. either way people will remember it and the wedding because of it and isnt that what every bride wants? ; )

xoxo sassysammy

Answer #4

Its okay… I wouldnt get married in it.

Answer #5

I think it’s lovely and I’ve been trying to find the designer for a while now :( still no luck x

Answer #6

looks cute to me

Answer #7

its unique everyone will be talking about it in the wedding,good luck.

Answer #8

It’s pretty… but not as a wedding dress. It’s more like a ‘retro-80s-prom’ dress.

Answer #9

it’s beautiful!

Answer #10

I like it!!!

Answer #11

It’s adorable…if you really like it go for it…because not all people may like but sum may…


Answer #12

I like the strapless white gowns better but we all have diffrents opions

Answer #13

dats different an qute fantabulous

Answer #14

I love it because it’s unique

Answer #15

I reacon its gorgas I want it!! lol

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