Why am I getting white hairs on my head?

why am I gettin white hairs on my head? im only 13 years old, and I have some white hairs! usually when I pyull them out they are like half white and half my natural hair color.. is it because when I dye my hair? I’ve dyed my hair maybe 3 or 4 times in the past 4 years… Why am I getting these?? some one help!!! thanks x0x0

Answer #1

it isnt because you are dying your hair… usually for that to happen you would have to dye it every month… it is probably just dammaged hair. do you straighten it? if you do it might be burnt hair… so just lighten up on the heat.

Answer #2

it could be a birth mark my friend has a patch of hair that is white on the side of his head and he went to the doc and he said it was just a birth mark

Answer #3

you’re getting white hair because a chemical that is in your hair is going away. When this happens your hair turns white because it is the chemical that makes your hair have its color. Most people have this chemical when they are born. As they get older their body stops making this chemical and the hair loses what is already there. But some people, and some animals too, don’t have this chemical in their hair and their body can’t make the chemical. We call these them albino’s

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